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Bring Your Own Device Modernizes Audience Response In and Out of the Classroom

For all intents and purposes, smart-phones have been active in the market for five years. That’s five years of explosive growth accompanied by five years of “struggle” between instructor and student over the role of these devices in class. The struggle of the now ubiquitous smart phone has now largely, albeit not completely, been settled in Higher Ed. They are part of the landscape and they are here to stay.

Students equate smart phones to breathing and have been caught being social instead of being attentive to acceleration vectors or the history of genetics.

How surprising.

New student response systems like Via Response introduce expanded capabilities that allow you instructors to work with students in and out of the classroom on a single system. Asking your students to push a button on a battery-driven remote control, aka clicker (that they forgot today, or had their friend bring to class) isn’t going to get them to participate. Engaging them on their medium, on their terms will.  You get out of the device management business.  You have a double win! Networking is how today’s students communicate, and they need a networked educational platform and Via Response gives you the tool to engage the “app generation.”

By leveraging student’s smart phones, tablets, and laptops/desktops, Via Response includes every student. Currently in deployment in classes supporting from 30 to over 1,000 students, Via Response can handle any course load.

Not only do you leverage the Internet, but also your students will immediately and inherently alter their in and out of classroom participation by leveraging their always-on and highly mobile devices.

Imagine having the same input from your pensive students as you do from the vocal ones.  Everyone’s ideas, participation and opinions are counted.  With 20+ years of research, instructors see increases in class attendance, participation and most importantly in student retention.

We want to offer you a free trail to see Via Response in action.  We can have you up and running in 15 minutes.

Derrick Meer

COO, Via Response Technologies


About viaresponse

Via Response Technologies provides an easy to use, cloud-based, mobile application that connects students with teachers. The platform blends response technology with social media, cloud computing and mobile devices, creating possibilities for dynamic class activities that help to maintain a constant connection between the student, teacher and educational content all while simplifying the instructor’s work load.
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