Via Response Technologies provides an easy to use, cloud-based, mobile application that enhances student-teacher interaction. The platform incorporates response technology, or “clickers”, with social media, cloud computing and mobile devices to create more dynamic and innovative class activities that build  an educational connection between students and instructors while simplifying the work load for teachers.

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  1. Steve Opitz says:

    I’m interested in applying this concept to commercial audience polling. Please send so more information.

    Steve Opitz
    Managing Partner
    Audience Response Solutions

    • viaresponse says:

      Hey Steve!

      Thanks for replying to Derrick’s post. We are very interested in discussing the use of the Via Response platform for the Meeting and Convention market. I will send you an email with my contact information and we start a dialog on how you can leverage the platform in your convention business.

      Co-Founder – CSO
      Via Response

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